Stephin Merritt's Father Scott Fagan Recording Album of Magnetic Fields Covers

Stephin Merritt's Father Scott Fagan Recording Album of Magnetic Fields Covers
Earlier this year, Magnetic Fields mastermind Stephin Merritt met his biological father, folk singer Scott Fagan, for the first time. Now, in a masterstroke of multi-generational musical bonding, Fagan will toast his offspring's songbook with a new covers LP called simply, Scott Fagan Sings Stephin Merritt.

The project was announced via a Kickstarter campaign seeking funds to issue a 13-song set sometime in the future. While an expected tracklisting has been proposed, Fagan has not yet recorded all of the songs for the LP, and the campaign page notes of its ETA, "If his health or other factors interfere, it may take longer than projected."

"When I first heard the songs, I was astounded. It felt as if I were listening to myself singing songs that I'd been in the middle of writing and then had somehow inexplicably forgotten about," Fagan said in a video promo, which you can see down below. "This album is my homage to the mysteries of multi-generational musicality and my way of showing, or rather singing, my appreciation for Stephin's wonderful, wonderful songs."

Fagan will be joined on the album by the Maac Island Band, with tracks expected to include "The Book of Love," "Papa Was a Rodeo," "Fan Dance Cha Cha" and more. For now, you can hear Fagan approaching 69 Love Songs' "Grand Canyon" with a minimalist, military marching beat-assisted arrangement. You'll find the cover on the Kickstarter page.

So far, roughly $1,500 of the project's $8,000 goal has been met, with 55 days to go. Depending on their pledges, donators will yield anything from a download of the album, to physical copies, to the opportunity to pick an additional Merritt cover for Fagan to tackle, to a living room performance.

You'll find out more over here.

Fagan's own recording career started back in the late '60s, with his debut set South Atlantic Blues landing in 1967.

  Scott Fagan Sings Stephin Merritt:

1. Fan Dance Cha-Cha
2. Papa Was a Rodeo 
3. All My Little Words 
4. The Book Of Love 
5. Andrew In Drag 
6. As You Turn to Go 
7. Give Me Back My Dreams
8. I Don't Believe In The Sun 
9. There'll Be Time Enough For Rocking
10. When We're Old
11. What a Fucking Lovely Day
12. Grand Canyon
13. Sweet Lovin' Man