Spotify Forms Content Advisory Council Following Joe Rogan Backlash

The council will reportedly offer feedback to executives but won't be involved in "enforcement decisions"

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek photo via Magnus Höij

BY Kaelen BellPublished Jun 14, 2022

A few months back, the biggest story in the music industry was more about podcasts than anything else, with Joe Rogan's COVID-19 misinformation campaigns and use of racial slurs causing some serious rifts between Spotify (where The Joe Rogan Experience is hosted) and a handful of major artists

And now, Spotify is forming a council that is meant to help the streaming giant "evolve its policies and products in a safe way while making sure we respect creator expression," as per an announcement shared on Monday (June 13). 

As noted by The Hollywood Reporter, the Spotify Safety Advisory Council will reportedly offer recommendations to Spotify's upper management regarding its "high-level policies and the internal processes." However, it will not be involved in what the company describes as "enforcement decisions" about specific creators and the content that they release, allowing Spotify to retain the final word on what and who they choose to platform. 

Members of the Spotify Safety Advisory Council include the USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative's Katherine Pieper and Stacy L. Smith, the Dangerous Speech Project's Susan Benesch and Tonei Glavinic, the Center for Democracy and Technology's Emma Llansó, and the Institute for Strategic Dialogue's Henry Tuck and Milo Comerford. 

The council is expected to grow as it broadens its attempts at representation from across different regions and dialects, with a specific interest in involving experts in equity. As Spotify said in its announcement, "as our product continues to grow and evolve, council membership will grow and evolve along with it." 

It's unlikely that this decision will have Neil Young coming back to the platform any time soon, but there you have it.  

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