Confirmed: Morrissey and Johnny Marr Are "Not Mates"

Confirmed: Morrissey and Johnny Marr Are 'Not Mates'
While seemingly every band out there has already reunited in sort sort of capacity, the Smiths remain one of the true holdouts. Casting even more doubt on some sort of reformation, guitarist Johnny Marr has now confirmed that he's indeed "not mates" with singer Morrissey.

Marr made the comment while speaking to the Independent [via NME], who asked if he had not spoken out about Moz's often controversial views due to the fact they were "still mates."

Marr's response was as follows: "I wouldn't say that no. No, no, no. Haha, no we're not mates. We're just very different. But we always were very different people. But everyone knows that! Everyone knows everything there is to know."

When further drilled about his silence over Morrissey's often toxic views, Marr added, "Look, it's just something that happens out there. If I was that arsed I would be able to concoct something. But I can't even be fucked concocting some answer. All anyone needs to know is that I oppose those views from Morrissey or anybody else."

Of course, another thing preventing any sort of Smiths reunion are the bandmates' solo careers, with Marr just today releasing his new album Call the Comet.