Camp Wavelength, Toronto ON, August 20

Photo: Kyle Laurin

BY Tom BeedhamPublished Aug 21, 2017

"What is creativity? Creativity is taking known elements and putting them together in different ways."
In a set of dream sequences dotted with passing references to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and The Matrix, SlowPitchSound slipped a found spoken sample over a starry, beat-chasing landscape and served up a slice of meta-commentary, pulling listeners further down the rabbit hole of his process.
Working with turntable, mixer, controller, KP3 Kaoss Pad and laptop, the producer otherwise known as Cheldon Paterson took unwanted, dusty records too arcane for the dollar bin and stretched them into slowed galaxies of ambient textures, occasionally spinning into warp speed with rocket-fuelled rhythms, a practice he calls sci-fi turntablism.
At Sherbourne Common, that domain was further augmented by dancer (and frequent project collaborator) Libydo spinning into view to lend break synchronicity to more rhythmically complicated sections, interpreting the score in fluid, beat-entranced gestures, sometimes appearing as a sort of Bizarro SlowPitch. Later, THK SKN collaborator Shikha Sehgal also made a brief appearance to sing a verse over a warped "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" bit, wandering onto the stage like a cosmic ghost — all stuff of midsummer night dreams, despite the sunny park setting. 

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