Slint "Pam" (rough mix)

Slint 'Pam' (rough mix)
Slint's classic sophomore set Spiderland is about to be reissued as a deluxe box set, and included along with the original album will be a trove of unreleased extras. One such goodie is an instrumental demo called "Pam," and you can hear the track now ahead of the collection's April 15 arrival time through Touch and Go.

This is one of three versions of the song that'll appear on the box set, and this particular take was tracked during the Spiderland sessions. While other versions feature vocals, the rough mix focuses on the intertwining of menacing jangles and military drum roll before exploding into a post-hardcore attack of crunched-up chords and jack-hammered drums.

You'll find the wildly twisting outtake down below, courtesy of Pitchfork.