SiR November

SiR November
It took years for Top Dawg Entertainment to find their footing in R&B, but between SiR's Her Too and SZA's breakout effort CTRL, the label finally hit their stride in 2017. SiR's November builds on last year's momentum and establishes the Inglewood crooner as TDE's quiet force. It's mellow and understated, but there's a confident undercurrent on November that's hard to miss.
SiR showcases his quiet edge on standout "Something Foreign" and delivers a commanding performance on the lush, soulful ballad "Summer in November." "Something New" (featuring British chanteuse Etta Bond) is a flawless duet and "War" expertly revives the shameless begging that gave '90s R&B its charm. SiR's fusion of old school vulnerability and new age grit is a winning combination.
The album wanes at times ("Better," "Never Home"), but clever production compensates for the album's few flaws. Producer D.K. The Punisher takes no prisoners on "D'Evils," breathing new life into Billy Boyo's "One Spliff a Day" and Harmony Samuels challenges himself on "Dreaming of Me," providing a surprisingly fresh take on a well-worn '70s classic, "Bumpy's Lament." It's this attention to detail that makes November a delight.
It won't be a white-hot success, but November is another solid effort  from SiR that's ripe with potential. (TDE)