Simple Plan's Pierre Bouvier Gives New Meaning to "Shitposting" on TikTok

Still Not Getting TP
Simple Plan's Pierre Bouvier Gives New Meaning to 'Shitposting' on TikTok
Like many a hip dweller of the modern times, Pierre Bouvier — frontman of longstanding Montreal pop-punk outfit Simple Plan — has joined the world of TikTok, and he's recently left his mark on the platform in a way that gives the term "shitposting" entirely new meaning.

A new 27-second clip posted yesterday (December 7) sees Bouvier enter a bathroom with the same nonchalance you'd perform as a teen after you were finished blasting "Welcome to My Life" behind your slammed-shut bedroom door following a disagreement with your parents.

Without overexposing himself, the singer proceeds to sit upon the throne before waging quite the battle with his digestive tract. (Might we suggest more fibre?) Spoiler alert: he accomplishes his goal, but not without breaking a bit of a sweat.

The real climactic action comes afterwards, though. In what is decidedly a record-scratch moment, Bouvier looks over to the toilet paper holder affixed to the wall next to him and sees the familiar (I'm just a kid and life is a) nightmare of a brown cardboard roll totally void of bathroom tissue.

His jaw falls to the floor in agony. The music cuts in with a swell of strings.

"How could this happen to me?" Bouvier lip-syncs, begging fortune for an answer to the titular question of the band's melodramatic 2004 hit "Untitled (How Could This Happen to Me)" from their second studio album Still Not Getting Any....

The idea of using this particular soundbite as a TikTok trend is actually really satisfying something in our Canadian emo hearts; but in a perfect world, this — seeing the frontman pretend to take a shit — would never happen.

It's all been a shitshow since that Turnstile mosh pit pooper first became at large.

You can watch Bouvier's TikTok below.
@thisispierrebouvier Has this ever happened to you? #howcouldthishappentome #simpleplan #fypシ ♬ original sound - Pierre Bouvier
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