Simone Schmidt Unveils Debut Album as Fiver

Simone Schmidt Unveils Debut Album as Fiver
One Hundred Dollars songwriter Simone Schmidt released the album If It's Real with her band the Highest Order just a few months ago, but she's already lined up another full-length, this time with her solo vehicle Fiver. Lost the Plot is out on September 10 via Triple Crown Audio. It will be available in the usual vinyl, CD and digital formats.

Schmidt launched Fiver last year with a single called Two Songs from Fiver, and Lost the Plot is the project's first proper full-length. According to a press release, "The nine songs on Lost the Plot engage the spirit and soul. They are introspective at times, others, outgoing and frenetic, even treading into madness."

The album was recorded onto two-inch tape with Stew Crookes (One Hundred Dollars, Hawksley Workman, Doug Paisley) at the Woodshed studio in Toronto. Schmidt served as co-producer along with Crookes. All of the members of the Highest Order appear on their usual instruments (Paul Mortimer on guitar, Kyle Porter on bass, Simone Tisshaw-Baril on drums).

Schmidt has offered up a taste of the album in the form of the closing track, "Undertaker." It's an eerie, low-key waltz with droning organs and Link Wray-style electric guitar strums. Scroll past the tracklist to check it out. You may notice that the tracklist includes "Oh Sienna," the A-side from Two Songs from Fiver. That song is also streaming below.

Lost the Plot:

1. Oh Sienna
2. Dayton
3. Saddest Laugh
4. Lonesome In This Grave
5. Smoke & Steam
6. Rage of Plastics
7. Gone Alone
8. Past the Sun
9. Undertaker