Shout Out Out Out Out Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto, ON, March 23

Shout Out Out Out Out Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto, ON, March 23
Photo: Kevin Jones
The two drum kits, two bass guitars and collection of eight synths strewn across the Horseshoes Tavern stage served as fair warning to the uninitiated, and it wasn't long before the boisterous boys of Edmonton's Shout Out Out Out Out set off a full-on dance party inside the packed concert venue.

The diverging but complementary rhythms of the band's two drummers anchored the six-man crew's pushed grooves behind a vivid spectrum of spacey electronics, digitized vocals and effects-laden bottom end, creating an infectious combination that had the room rocking right up against the stage, throwing out periodic, unified chants of the band's unique name.

The ever-gracious synth-rock purveyors fed off that energy and were clearly having as much fun up on stage as their fans were down below, bouncing, high-kicking and pulling faces as they jumped from instrument to instrument, twiddling knobs, and adding a guitar and cowbell to the vibe as the things wore on. When the final note was played and the last crowd surfer hit the ground, Nik Kozub declared the sweaty experience the best of the band's current tour and promptly released the energized crowd out into a rare Saturday night of extended drinking hours in the city of Toronto.