Shania Twain Wants to Collaborate with Adele

Let's go, girls!

BY Ben OkazawaPublished Sep 11, 2023

​The world is changing, and we're living in a time when two artists don't need to get in the studio together to make a song — just ask your friendly neighbourhood AI chatbot to do it for you!

Of course, every once in a while, it's nice to get a duet the old-fashioned way, and, if it were up to Shania Twain, she and Adele would be doing just that. 

Twain has revealed in an interview with The Sun that she's been dreaming of singing with Adele since secretly attending one of her shows in Las Vegas last fall.

"I would love to sing with her. I think we would blend beautifully together. Obviously, that would be amazing," she said. "She's a great singer and has her own style that is unique. She's a character on stage, too. She's a fabulous performer."

It's safe to guess that Adele would be open to the idea, given her starstruck reaction to discovering Twain was at her concert.

Unfortunately, it might be a while until the pair can connect, with Twain still touring the world behind her latest album Queen of Me, and Adele in the midst of her Weekends with Adele residency in Las Vegas.

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