Saxon The Saxon Chronicles

It was Saxon that reminded us that denim and leather brings us all together, and this exhaustive and exhausting double-DVD hammers the point home that even in 2003 it still comes down to denim, leather and drunken head-banging unity. Disc one features a complete concert from 2001 and is the most tedious part of the whole package. Although still a great live band (shockingly so), 97 minutes is a long time, so take it in a few sittings (and a few pints to help get through the mid-tempo gloomy crap), but check out that drum solo — incredible and friggin' hilarious. Also included on disc one is an interview with vocalist Biff Byford, in which he answers inane questions with a straight face, and a discography so now you can keep track of all the albums you've never heard of. Disc two starts off with a 32-minute montage of tour home videos — enter the wild and crazy life of Saxon on the road and catch three more live songs while you are at it, this time from '95. But it only gets better when the DVD drops eight of Saxon's gut-busting video clips and a truly ludicrous "making of" for one of them. There's also an incredibly entertaining 16-minute walkthrough of Saxon's TV appearances over the years and short photo and press clipping galleries that move forward at their own fast pace while accompanied by Saxon tunage. Damn good DVD, put together with care and sure to make the viewer raise a glass high, double over in hysterics and remember how good this band really can be. Extras: interviews; promo videos; TV appearances; discography; photo gallery; home video footage; extra live songs. (SPV/Steamhamer/Fusion III)