Samuel Jack Conquers Personal Struggles in His "Gonna Be Alright" Video

BY Joe Smith-EngelhardtPublished Mar 6, 2020

London born singer-songwriter Samuel Jack is gearing up to release his debut album, Empty Pockets, Crowded Heart, but before then, the musician is offering a taste of what's to come with his new music video for "Gonna Be Alright."

The new song marks the first single from Jack's upcoming record, arriving March 27. It sees him playing with bluesy radio-ready pop sensibilities and heartfelt lyricism touching on his personal issues with anxiety and depression. The video for the song sees the English singer making his way down to a beachfront from his car before heading into the water fully clothed. 

Speaking to Exclaim!, Jack explains the meaning behind the video, saying he wanted to encapsulate the issues people often experience when facing personal struggles in a visual form. 

"I wanted the video to capture the confusion, volatility and the disposition someone might experience when going through a tough time. That stuff is usually so internalized and when you're in the thick of it you can feel incredibly isolated. It's that stark, solitary journey that we set about trying to capture," says Jack.

Speaking further on the creation of the video, the musician says it was cathartic diving into the bitter cold water to film the clip which reflects some of the themes found on the track. 

"The video is simple. It's one shot. It's dark and gritty and represents many of the things I've personally felt in the past, in the now and if I'm honest will likely feel to some degree in the future," Jack explains. "Going in the sea was a totally cathartic moment for me. There's something about the sting of the salt on your lips and the bite of the cold water coming up around you that actually makes you feel incredibly alive. I feel like at least some of all that came across with the end result."

You can check out the video for "Gonna Be Alright" below. 

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