Rykka "Movies" (video)

Rykka 'Movies' (video)
Vancouver-born, Switzerland-based musician Rykka delivered her debut Kodiak back in 2013, and now she's ready to follow it up with some new material. For a taste, she's unveiled the visuals for her brand new single "Movies," and Exclaim! has got your first look at the clip.
The song itself tells the story of two rebellious lovers, escaping from "social poverty" and creating their own special reality. It was recorded in Toronto with producer Warne Livesey.
"This song is about wanting what you can't have," Rykka said in a statement. "'Movies' tells the story of two rebels using a love affair as a form of escapism. They create a world inside each other to briefly leave their mundane lives. The affair will never last, but they hold on and fight until the end. Together they have strength and together they redefine themselves."
The accompanying visuals were filmed inside a glacier cave at the Rhône Glacier in Switzerland and provide a rather majestic backdrop to the dark synth-pop song. The sweeping shots were directed by Brianne Nord-Stewart, and you can take them in for yourself by hitting play below.