Rush Rendered "Speechless" by Ohio State Marching Band Tribute

Watch the halftime performance showcasing some of the band's greatest hits
Rush Rendered 'Speechless' by Ohio State Marching Band Tribute
'Tis the season for college football — and epic halftime performances paying homage to Rush, apparently.

On Saturday (October 9), Ohio State University's Buckeyes football team took on the Maryland Terrapins at home in Columbus. They clinched an impressive 66 to 17 victory over Maryland, but the school's marching band definitely stole the show — and proceeded to earn props from Rush themselves — with their "The Music of Rush" showcase.

"We're speechless," the band tweeted, sharing a clip of the marching band's take on "Tom Sawyer."
The 14-minute performance featured a medley of Rush classics like "Fly by Night," "Red Barchetta," "XYZ" and "2112," with the Buckeyes even moving in formation to spell out the latter two titles.

The Ohio State marching band expanded their percussion section to recreate the bombastic sonic impact of late legend Neil Peart — of whom the Red Hot Chili Peppers' Chad Smith said "there will never be another one" — by adding 20 extra cymbals and 20 toms, alongside positioning the percussionists at the front of the formation for the performance [via Ohio State News].

While the football team is currently ranked sixth in the league, it seems like Ohio State's marching band is in a league of their own when it comes to honouring Canadian prog rock.

Watch the Rush-approved Buckeyes' "The Music of Rush" showcase below.

Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson recently revealed that he won't tour his new Envy of None project. Meanwhile, Geddy Lee is writing his memoirs.