Robert Henke MUTEK, Montreal QC, August 24

Robert Henke MUTEK, Montreal QC, August 24
Robert Henke's Lumière III is an audio-visual experience that elevates the poetic bonds between data, frequencies and light to a sensorial peak that few artists reach with their compositions. Inventing and building his own software tools and instruments, Henke performed the installation live at Théâtre Ludger-Duverna as part of MUTEK's A/VISIONS series.
Lumiere III was born in the nightclub, but forged from an imagination rooted in a textural, post-apocalyptic realm. Pulsed and percussive, Henke's interactions between light, sound and space challenged perception. Patrons sat obscured in total darkness and were barraged by a stroboscopic series of lights that were mesmerizingly in sync with Henke's soundscape and its rhythmic properties.
Sectioned into acts, not all compositions were abstract and formless. Henke's strength came from the sound design, with minute percussive details cueing progressions. He acquainted colour with sound through a series of illustrious interactions that were complex, elegant, and entrancing. The sonic compositions highlighted the German producer's phenomenal sound design abilities, while the stroboscopic laser light show felt like entering a void.

Henke offered algorithmic movements of lights that made conventional tools produce otherworldly results, making for one of the most unique audio-visual experiences to grace Montreal.