Robert Henke Signal to Noise

As interesting as it seems to create a record completely out of harmonic droning created with a Yamaha SY77, and as shocking as it is to think that a record produced by a German sound engineer who is really into Jean Michel Jarre, would come out sounding cold and distant, Signal to Noise isn’t much more than that. Created with the intention of resembling a thunder storm, the album falls short of sounding like anything more than just signals and noises. Fans of eating hash and listening to the washing machine go through the spin cycle will adore this record. Personally, I’d much rather be subjected to listening to experimental electronic sound pattern manipulation when civilisation collapses into the hands of the robots. Dull at best, Signal to Noise is another reason why technological wizards should stick to fixing my fucking CD player when it breaks after I go insane from listening to this shit and throw it across the room. (Imbalance)