Rivers Cuomo Stars in Short Men's Clothing Ad

Short time, sunshine

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Jul 14, 2023

Cue the "Buddy Holly" guitar solo: short kings just got Weezered. Rivers Cuomo has endorsed Ash & Erie — a clothing brand for short men — in a new ad.

Cuomo speaks about being the shortest member of Weezer in a lo-fi TikTok video. He said he feels swallowed by most of his clothes, which is unfair since his bandmates always get to look sharp. After modelling some of the brand's clothes, he remarks that he might become "Mr. Fashion." Watch it below.

In 1995, Cuomo received surgery to lengthen his left leg, as it was 44 millimetres shorter than his right. He currently stands at 1.69 (nice) metres — that's 5'5" for our imperial friends.

Just like our vertically lacking friends (this writer says as someone who is 5'2"), Toronto and Ottawa Bluesfest have also recently been Weezered. Apparently, we're all in this together.
@ashanderie It's true 👉 everyone deserves clothes that fit GREAT, right out of the box. Thanks for sharing your story, Rivers. #ashanderie #ashanderie #mensfashion ♬ original sound - Ash & Erie

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