Rick Ross

Rich Forever

BY Neil AcharyaPublished Jan 17, 2012

This just in: Rick Ross is rich. But wait, there's more: he plans on staying that way ― forever! In case you didn't know, you can hear all about it on his new aptly titled mixtape, before you hear about it all over again when he drops his new album, God Forgives, I Don't, expected later this year. Heck, what's not impressive about a guy who talks to God in his Bugatti and then again in his Ferrari? With his thoughts spread over 18 tracks, Ross can be clever ("Corvette so clean you'll think that Bruce Springsteen rid that"), but he can also sink to mind-blowingly shallow depths (i.e., "London"). Although he doesn't appear on the interlude, its inclusion should have never happened: "$100 a sock, two ankles, you do the math"? However, give Rozay his due: he goes hard ( "Yella Diamonds"), chooses to spend his money on producers wisely (Toronto, ON's Boi-1da makes a contribution on "The World is Ours") and he knows how to flow over their beats. This is best exemplified, but not limited to, his performance on "Untouchable," which is one of three exceptionally produced tracks by Beat Billionaire. For these reasons, Rich Forever is worth a listen.
(Def Jam)

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