Protest the Hero Treat Debut EP 'A Calculated Use of Sound' to Vinyl Debut

The six-song release turned 20 earlier this year

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Nov 16, 2023

This year marks two decades since Protest the Hero released their debut EP A Calculated Use of Sound, and the Ontario heavy music heroes will mark the milestone by giving the effort its very first vinyl issue.

"It's wild to think that we released our first EP A Calculated Use of Sound just over 20 years ago," the band write in announcing the reissue, estimated to ship January 12. "After employing some fairly deficient math skills (none of us have an education beyond high school), we calculated that we were around 17 years of age when this was released, 16 when we recorded it, and a terrifying 15 when most of this EP was written."

While they admit to "many years of being somewhat embarrassed about this record," PTH write that they have now "finally gotten over ourselves and kind of like it again! So much so that we decided to go all out on this vinyl release — sparing no expense in the production, despite having next to no evidence that any of you wants it."

Limited to an edition of 1,000, the vinyl edition of A Calculated Use of Sound arrives as a coloured, 180-gram, 45 RPM 12-inch LP featuring remastered audio. The vinyl arrives alongside a CD copy in a hardcover book with matte covers and "high-glosse rainbow lamination," complete with a full-colour 14-page, thread-sewn lyric booklet.

In a review of A Calculated Use of Sound upon its release, Exclaim! contributor Jasamine White-Gluz (a.k.a. No Joy) highlighted the emerging band's "interesting and complicated guitar hooks," "socially conscious and intelligent lyrics" and "breakdowns that suddenly turn from fast metal into beautifully orchestrated acoustic jaunts" in "successfully [creating] their own street-punk inspired sound."

You can see some snaps of the vinyl issue below, ahead of pre-ordering A Calculated Use of Sound here.

Protest the Hero are in the home stretch of a fall North American tour alongside Moon Tooth and the Callous Daoboys, playing Montreal this evening ahead of a closing date in Toronto tomorrow night (November 17).

Earlier this year, the band revealed they had begun work on a new album to follow 2020's Palimpsest.

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