Protest the Hero

A Calculated Use of Sound

BY Jasamine White-GluzPublished Aug 1, 2003

Interesting and complicated guitar hooks, check. Socially conscious and intelligent lyrics, check. Fast and melodic punk rock drum solos, oh most definitely check. By the sounds off Ontario’s Protest The Hero’s latest release, A Calculated Use of Sound, protest songs have never been so good. With metal-inspired guitar melodies and a vocalist that sounds like a more punk rock Axl Rose, Protest The Hero have successfully created their own street-punk inspired sound. Lyrics play an important role on this record, especially the incredible one-liners like "Compassion is shit” from the track "Fear and Loathing in Laramie.” Make sure to listen for breakdowns that suddenly turn from fast metal into beautifully orchestrated acoustic jaunts. Smart, original and undeniably catchy, Protest The Hero are about to show Canadians that their protest voice is not only loud, but it’s strong too.
(Underground Operations)

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