Prince Shuts Down "Le Petit Prince" Tribute Project

Prince Shuts Down 'Le Petit Prince' Tribute Project
These days, Prince's defining characteristic — apart from perhaps his tendency to sue and be sued — is that the dude absolutely hates the internet. He doesn't have an official website, has promised to stop releasing albums until internet piracy is curbed, and demands that his music be taken down from services like YouTube. Now, online party-pooper has shut down a creative tribute project.

Le Petit Prince was an art project that honoured the Purple One with diorama-style photos of a flamboyantly dressed, Thunderbirds-esque puppet made in Prince's likeness. In a post on Facebook written on Tuesday (November 13), founder Troy Gua announced that he had received a cease and desist order from Prince's lawyer.

Gua confirmed that he will comply with all of the demands, writing, "I simply do not wish to fight with my hero, and it is terribly disheartening to think that he may hold ill will towards me and this project."

The project has mostly consisted of Gua's tiny Prince doll — the only one of its kind that he has created — posing with miniature-sized clothing and props. The artist had sold some products relating to Le Petit Prince, and his Facebook page notes that he was planning a photo book. As his response to the cease and desist claim points out, however, he has not made any profit from sales, and any money earned went back into funding the project.

Go to Facebook to check out pictures of the doll formerly known as Le Petit Prince.