Prince "Batdance" (remix ft. Big Daddy Kane)

Prince 'Batdance' (remix ft. Big Daddy Kane)
In addition to the numerous tributes that have surfaced after the death of Prince, fans are being bestowed with info on a few missed opportunities. In addition to a recently surfaced, rejected Simpsons script starring the Purple One, an abandoned remix of Prince's "Batdance" with Big Daddy Kane has made its way online.

Producer John Luongo was tasked with bringing the remix together for Warner Bros., and he got to use vocals that didn't appear on the original "Batdance," taken from the 1989 Batman soundtrack. The piece adds a synth line riffing on the '60s-era Batman theme song, some alternate falsetto lines from Prince, and Big Daddy Kane's bars about the caped crusader, the Joker and Vicki Vale.

"I gave him some specifications, but everything was all of his own creation, right on the spot," Luongo told the L.A. Times. "He was brilliant, such a professional to work with."

While the project was completed, Warner Bros. rejected the remix for being "too different." Twenty-six years later, you can hear it below.