Big Daddy Kane Begins Mini-Canadian Tour Tonight, Talks to Exclaim!

Big Daddy Kane Begins Mini-Canadian Tour Tonight, Talks to Exclaim!
After a 15-year absence, one of hip-hop's true OGs, Big Daddy Kane, is returning to Canada for a highly anticipated mini-tour. Starting tonight (March 26) in Toronto, the Brooklyn-born MC will throw down in a handful of Canadian cities, bringing his genre-defining style to the stage and reminding rap heads just why the word "legend" so often precedes Big Daddy Kane.

In the lead-up to the tour, Kane talked to Exclaim! about his live show and reinforced just how important it is to have a good one. "I feel that in the music industry there are so many artists it's easy to be forgotten because it's so cluttered," Kane said in an interview. "But if you're a great live performer, what happens then [is] it's now like... it becomes a manner of an energy selling. It's bigger than just the song."

Along with taking a trip down hip-hop memory lane, Kane talked about what it's like to survive for 20 years in the rap industry, as well as the pros and cons of being an old school vet. "A kid will be like, 'Yo, you're Big Daddy Kane. My father listens to you!' It kind of makes you feel like one of the Platters or Temptations or something," he laughed. "You feel like you're super-old. But then again on the flipside it's cool to see like someone that's two or three generations after you excited. It's not that they're like, 'Who? So?' It's like they're still excited to know who you are."

You can check out Exclaim's entire interview with Big Dady Kane here, and see him live and in full effect on the following dates:

3/26 Toronto, ON - Phoenix
3/27 Montreal, QC - Saints Showbar
3/28 Ottawa, ON - TBA
3/29 London, ON - TBA