Power Trip

Manifest Decimation

BY Bradley Zorgdrager Published Jun 10, 2013

Power Trip want to be Exodus so bad. They try to hide it with their Power From Hell (Onslaught) rip-off shirt. However, on Manifest Decimation, you can hear that they've spent more than their fair share of time banging their heads against the stage and doing the "Toxic Waltz." Not that there's anything wrong with that; if you're going to rip off any thrash metal band, why not rip off one of the first generation and most consistent? Note the inclusion of "thrash metal," which is exactly what Power Trip are. Despite strong ties to the hardcore scene, the Texas-based band are essentially a straight-ahead thrash metal act, with crossover leanings. Throughout Manifest Decimation there are nods to other groups, notably Kreator, Leeway, Possessed and Cro-Mags, but, in the end, the Exodus sound comes through most prominently — right down the ever-present reverb. Power Trip riff, shred and dive-bomb their way to their desired sound, so even with Gary Holt filling in for Slayer, thrashers can still get their fill of thrash's big fifth.
(Southern Lord)

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