Members of Power Trip and Creeping Death Launch New Band Fugitive

Photo: Fugitive (Facebook)

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Jul 6, 2022

Both Power Trip and Creeping Death have worked to put modern Texas metal on the map, and members of both groups have now teamed up to form new band Fugitive.

The newly formed Fugitive features Power Trip lead guitarist Blake Ibanez, Skourge frontman Seth Gilmore, Creeping Death drummer Lincoln Mullins, bassist Andy Messer (ANS, Stymie) and guitarist Victor Gutierrez (Impalers).

A feature on the group's genesis from the Dallas Observer notes that Fugitive's "tempos run in the range of Venom or Motörhead" — a touch slower than Power Trip and Creeping Death — for a sound Ibanez and the band describe as "thrash 'n' roll."

"I was able to find a niche where it sounds like the stuff that I write for Power Trip, but it's different, and it's a different tuning," Ibanez shared with the publication. "It opens up some new doors for different types of songs and riffs. It was just kind of like a blank canvas. It was like, no rules."

Fugitive already have their debut performance lined up, playing Dallas, TX, on August 13 alongside Municipal Waste, Frozen Soul, Sanguisugabogg, 200 Stab Wounds and more.

The Observer reports that the group are also looking to share their first recordings this month, one of which will be a cover of Bathory's "Raise the Dead." They're also said to be in talks with 20 Buck Spin to offer up a physical release — a label Canadian headbangers may recognize from their work with Tomb Mold and Dream Unending.

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