Pixies' Joey Santiago Scores Doc For Nike

Pixies' Joey Santiago Scores Doc For Nike
Showing he likes to "Just Do It” as much as the next guy, Pixies axe-slinger Joey Santiago has scored an upcoming Nike-sponsored documentary on football, otherwise known as soccer to us Canadians.

A representative from AKQA, the company that created this "ad-umentary” (as it’s been cleverly dubbed it), told Pitchfork, "Santiago’s sonic guitar riffs and his moody harmonies were perfect for the pace we needed in the film. Joey’s score definitely makes us reflect harder on the subjects discussed in the documentary.” How wearing shoes crafted by tiny sweatshop hands enhances performance?

A Nike rep adds, "This film is about guts and determination, and Joey’s work definitely helps surface both of these qualities.”

Santiago has previously scored other commercial ventures, such as the 2000 film Crime + Punishment in Suburbia and the television shows Undeclared and Weeds.

Nike Presents: Blood, Sweat and Tears: Football in the Rough will surface its guts and determination on nikefootball.com later this month.