Paul Westerberg Drops Surprise EP

Paul Westerberg Drops Surprise EP
Well, unless you happened to be looking at the news on Paul Westerberg's website recently, you may not have seen that the former Replacements front-man/indie icon, who just keeps going, released a new EP yesterday (September 22).

Following in his own footsteps, as Paul tends to do, he released the EP, PW & the Ghost Gloves Cat Wing Joy Boys, with little fanfare, much like his last release, 2008's 49:00. And like that album, and most of Paul's work over the past decade or so, the new EP is a scraggily recorded, haphazard affair that, no doubt, houses some sweet gems amidst the chaos. After all, Westerberg's stuff always does.

The full tracklisting for the EP, which is available for $3.98 at Amazon, is below.

PW & the Ghost Gloves Cat Wing Joy Boys:

1. "Ghost on the Canvas"

2. "Drop them Gloves"

3. "Good as the Cat"

4. "Love on the Wing"

5. "Gimmie Little Joy"

6. "Dangerous Boys"