Paul McCartney Says the Beatles Were Better Than the Rolling Stones

Paul McCartney Says the Beatles Were Better Than the Rolling Stones
It's a question at least as old as that one Metric song, and one that we all love to pontificate about: the Beatles or the Rolling Stones? Paul McCartney has an answer about who he thinks is better, and it shouldn't come as much of a surprise.

Appearing on Howard Stern's SiriusXM show, McCartney made his opinion clear. When Stern brought up the rivalry between the bands, the host suggested that he thought the Beatles were better. McCartney, for his part, agreed.

"You know you're going to persuade me to agree with that one. I've always said it. But the thing is, the Stones are a fantastic group," McCartney said. "I go see them every time they come out 'cause they're just a great, great band."

He continued, "Their stuff's rooted in the blues. When they're writing stuff, it's to do with the blues. We had a little more influences." 

McCartney added that the Beatles had an upper hand with four singers in the band as opposed to one, a point that he claims Keith Richards had once made to him.

Most importantly, McCartney suggested that the Rolling Stones were following in the Beatles' footsteps. 

"We started to notice that, whatever we did, the Stones did it shortly thereafter," he said. "We went to America, we had huge success. Well then, the Stones went to America. We did Sgt. Pepper, the Stones did a sort of psychedelic album. But we were great friends. Still are."

Don't get it twisted, however. McCartney has a clear choice. "The Beatles were better," he said.

Watch the interview between Paul McCartney and Howard Stern below.