Paths of Possession

The End of the Hour

BY Greg PrattPublished Jan 26, 2008

Notable for housing George "Corpsegrinder” Fisher in a more melodic and decipherable context than his gore-soaked day job, Florida’s Paths of Possession aren’t remarkable for much else. But it sort of hits the spot, this modern death by way of classic thrash sound, one that’s certainly bass-heavy and guttural enough to be mistaken for pure death. But look deeper and the song structures are simple and mosh-ready. There’s lots of mid-tempo material here as well, so it’s not all a blur. "The Ancient Law” combines slower and speedier tempos for the best of all worlds. "Pushing Through the Pass” gets a bit technical just to prove they can, but this band work best when thrashing to the 4/4 death march. It’s nothing new but it’s a solid effort that fans of the heavy will dig.
(Metal Blade)

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