Overkill Wrecking Everything

Overkill gives their fans no less than three-and-a-half hours of visuals to feast on in this double DVD package. There's so much to digest here, and it all looks and sounds great. The main chunk of this is a two-hour live set from the band's home state of New Jersey. It's the same show that their recent live disc was culled from, but with over an hour of songs that didn't make it on the disc. It's filmed great, the sound is top notch (better than lots of studio releases) and the band are entertaining to watch. It's hard to not give the band respect after watching them play a set that long of such high calibre thrash metal. The second disc features a documentary, covering the band's history with hilarious band interviews and amazing footage of the band in the '80s. Also, there's a five-minute behind-the-scenes feature with some of the best fan footage this side of Heavy Metal Parking Lot; Overkill fans are fucking serious (who knew?), and if this DVD proves anything, it's that they have reason to be, as Overkill are an extremely respectable, raging and down-to-earth thrash band. The whole package is delivered within some cool artwork, and even comes with a small booklet. Awesome. Extras: documentary, behind the scenes featurette, booklet. (Spitfire, www.spitfirerecords.com)