​Ought Island Stage, Guelph ON, July 22

​Ought Island Stage, Guelph ON, July 22
Photo: Tiana Feng
Montreal foursome Ought returned to Hillside, this time with a sophomore album under their belt. Armed with songs from Sun Coming Down — conveniently deployed right as the sun was going down — the band bashed out a set that livened up the usually calm festival crowd.
Frontman Tim Darcy was difficult to look away from as he sauntered about the tiny tented stage, waggling his finger for added effect and effortlessly switching back and forth between baritone bravado and an affected snarl as he provided all of the echoes on his own vocals.
To their credit, the other band members each bubbled with their own frenetic energy, channeling it into tight, angular post-punk cuts, and occasionally spiralling into hazy, droning instrumental breaks that were as thick and heavy as the air under the tent. The title track off Sun Coming Down and its fellow album offerings like set opener "Passionate Turn" and singles "Men for Miles" and "Beautiful Blue Sky" went over particularly well, though More Than Any Other Day's "Today More Than Any Other Day" still sounded just as refreshing as it did upon its 2014 release.
As is often the festival curse, the band ran out of time and scrambled to adjust to the understandably strict schedule restraints — leaving onlookers with a lingering feeling that something great may have been missed.