Otto Von Schirach Global Speaker Fisting

If it’s true that techno’s appeal for its fans is imagining the sound of a large, cosy waiting room where people can dance and relax until capitalism finally exhausts itself, Otto Von Schirach exists as the man who locks the doors on everyone and dumps a truckload of scorpions in just to see what happens. Schirach takes Rob Zombie’s ability to turn even the most mundane things into a horrifying mad house of acid flashbacks and twisted characters (in House Of 1000 Corpses; not his recorded output). Amid barnyard samples and metallic vamps, Schirach conjures up skittering, tin soldier beats and unleashes them on the rave and accompanying chill-out room in hell. "La Sangre Del Dedo Intecto,” "Goat Sperm,” and "Iron Blood Saw” all owe more to European death metal obsessions of blood, gore and bestiality than electronica’s white and blue, non-threatening comfort zone sensibility. It’s impossible to think that this record would get any play at dance clubs but perhaps that’s the point: this is dance music for people that absolutely hate dance music. Throw it on at a party and you’ll be able to tell at a glance who’s high and who isn’t; those that are will be the ones curled up in corners. Global Speaker Fisting, with its dark, depraved and twisted overtones is guaranteed to make any house a fun house. (Asphodel)