Radiant Dawn

Published May 14, 2019

As the old adage goes, timing is everything, and that is certainly true for the sophomore album from Montreal-based band Operators. Radiant Dawn feels like an extension of the surge of '70s dystopian content we've seen in the past few years, and a revision of synth-heavy pop rock that was more common years ago.
The sound is not tired, though. This record feels refreshing in 2019, and stands out against other albums of this genre today. Dan Boeckner (of Wolf Parade and Divine Fits) has been open about how Operators is a continuation of Handsome Furs, and though the album definitely feels like a nod to the defunct band, it brings a new energy with songs that sound like anthems.
The high-energy songs are broken up with short instrumental interludes. The most notable one is "(Airlock)," which plays with a moving soundscape in just 23 seconds. The instrumentals do add interest to the record, which does start to feel the same over the 14 tracks.
If Radiant Dawn is the soundtrack for the end of society as we know it, songs such as "I Feel Emotion," "Faithless" and "Despair" will make you want to dance to death.
(Last Gang)

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