The Offspring

Parc Jean-Drapeau, Montreal QC, August 9

Photo: Benoit Turcotte

BY Bradley Zorgdrager Published Aug 10, 2014

The Offspring ironically helped birth a fledgling punk scene in the '90s, with Smash perhaps being the one that shattered the formerly underground genre's glass ceiling and opening counter-culture up to the mainstream. Celebrating that album's 20th anniversary, the California punks set to perform it in its entirety.

Led by Dexter Holland, who alternated between playing guitar while singing and just focusing on vocalizing, the juvenile punk album brought many smiles to the attendees, many of who have likely doubled in age in the last two decades. This led to the hilarious confluence of many 40-year-old voices for a raucous, resounding release of, "You stupid, dumb shit, goddamn, motherfucker."

Stage banter was kept to a minimum while they smashed through the seminal album in nearly-chronological order; mega-hit "Self Esteem" closed out that portion of the set and even caused a man to scale a sky-scraping speaker tower. In this moment of extreme nostalgia and the resultant reversion to such childhood antics, it seemed everyone in the crowd forgot how silly it looked to see a nearly 50-year-old man with spikey punk hair.

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