President Obama Is "White Inside," According to Morrissey

President Obama Is 'White Inside,' According to Morrissey
Morrissey has never been one to disguise his opinions about political matters, and in 2012 he publicly branded U.S. President Obama "simply a set of teeth." Now, the former Smiths singer has weighed in on U.S. politics once again, and his opinions are likely to ruffle some feathers.

When asked about by Alternative Nation about Obama's presidency, Moz had this to say:

Obama has mystified me because he doesn't appear to support black people when they need it most… Ferguson being an obvious example. If Michael Brown had instead been one of Obama's daughters, I don't think Obama would be insisting that the nation support the so-called security forces! How can they be called security forces if they make the people feel insecure? Obama seems to be white inside. There is an obvious racial division in America and it's exploding and Obama doesn't ever support the innocent black people who are murdered by white police officers who are never held accountable. You would expect him to be more understanding of what it means to be black. But so far, he hasn't been. There's no point in continually saying that we must support the police when it is obvious to the entire world that the police in America are out of control.

He also suggested that there's less racial tolerance than there once was, as he argued, "I think rap has scared the American white establishment to death, mainly because it's true. James Brown once sang 'Say It Loud, I'm Black And I'm Proud.' No pop artist would ever be allowed to say that today … they'd be instantly dropped from the label." While his concerns about inequality are by no means unfounded, we're guessing that he hasn't heard Kendrick Lamar's new album.

After discussing Obama, Moz weighed in on leadership contender Hillary Clinton, saying that she was a "definite" for the role as the next President. He said that other prominent female figures were "horrific spikes in the forehead, yet Hillary now seems calm and measured."

According to Morrissey, having a female president likely won't represent a major political milestone, and he compared the situation to that of Margaret Thatcher:

But a female president won't necessarily change anything because, as with Margaret Thatcher, if it goes wrong, the people would never again allow a woman to take the lead. Thatcher actually obliterated any hope for women in British politics, as recent history has shown, and of course, she was actually fired from her own position by her own party! If her own party couldn't stand her then you can imagine how the British people felt about her!

In addition to throwing shade at American politicians, Moz also gave an update on the novel that he previously said he was working on. "The book is with the publishers who are deciding on a date to publish," he said. "It could be tomorrow, it could be 2071. It's all in the hands of the publishing gods."