Noel Gallagher Got High and Wrote a Song About 'Moby-Dick'

"Even my band have been going, 'What's all that about?' I'm like, 'Fuck knows'"

BY Megan LaPierrePublished May 5, 2022

Between Anthony Kiedis's Cate LeBon-inspired pirate accent on the Red Hot Chili PeppersUnlimited Love lead-off "Black Summer" and the Decemberists going on tour, sea shanties are decidedly having a moment.

Instead of quelling a longing for the sea by simply watching the many seasons of Below Deck available, Noel Gallagher decided to go a more traditional route with nautical inspiration for a song on his forthcoming new album — namely, Herman Melville's classic novel Moby-Dick (and a "load of fucking weed").

In a new interview with The Sun, notably included in their Bizarre column, the former Oasis member wove us the tale of how he penned new track "There She Blows" after finding a copy of Melville's 1851 literary work in his hotel room.

"There was a book in the hotel and it was Moby-Dick," the singer-songwriter explained [via Yahoo!]. "So I went into MedMen, the shop that sells weed, and I bought a load of fucking weed and wrote some fucking mad, nautical nonsense for this tune."

And yes, it turns out nautical nonsense is indeed something you wish (if you're the Gallagher brother who hasn't tweeted a death threat, anyway). "It's ended up on my album," he said of the song, adding: "It's fucking great — it sounds like the Beatles," even though he was embarrassed that Oasis were compared to them back in the day.

Perhaps surprisingly given its very literal title, the lyrics of "There She Blows" seem to embrace more of a "I Am the Walrus" ethos than recounting Captain Ahab's obsessive quest for revenge on the great white whale.

"I listened to the lyrics and even my band have been going, 'What's all that about?' I'm like, 'Fuck knows,'" the musician said. "It's sort of nautical bullshit," he admitted.

Elsewhere, the yet-untitled album is set to feature a lot of strings and a whole "vibe," according to Gallagher. It will be the follow-up to the High Flying Birds' last full-length offering, 2017's Who Built the Moon? — and we can rest assured that the songs on it were written by Gallagher in a room somewhere.

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