No Luck Club Adapt Byrne/Eno Album For the Stage

No Luck Club Adapt Byrne/Eno Album For the Stage
Here at Exclaim!, news of a lot of god-awful musical theatre projects comes across our desks (please see the latest case in point), little by little making us lose nearly all hope in the increasingly foul art form known as the modern musical. Imagine our surprise then, when we got word of a music-driven stage production that actually kind of sounds cool.

This week Vancouver's hip-hoppin' instrumentalists No Luck Club dropped word that they're nearly set to debut Live From a Bush of Ghosts, an upcoming theatrical production inspired by David Byrne and Brian Eno's 1981 hipster-approved album My Life in the Bush of Ghosts. The show apparently digs into Byrne and Eno's electronically-charged world of ranting radio hosts and fire and brimstone preachers to pull out a tale that explores the fallout of our electronic culture.

In the words of the press release: "Live from a Bush of Ghosts delves into the myths and folklore of digital culture, exploring its beauty and temptation, fascination and perversion and how our presence remains online long after we give up the ghost." And with characters ranging from a suicidal stockbroker to an internet predator to a heavy metal televangelist, this production appears to be offering quite the tripped-out journey.

In addition to No Luck Club, Live From a Bush of Ghosts also features live video mixes by Candelario Andrade and the production's co-creator dancer/actor Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg, all of whom are under the direction of Richard Wolfe (Stupidity (La Estupidez), Omniscience, A Skull in Connemara).

The show runs from February 4 to 15 in Vancouver and comes as part of the upcoming PuSh festival. To get more information on show times and ticket details, you can visit the PuSH website by PuSHing here.

No Luck Club "Turntables on the Bayou"