Nick Cave Gets His Own Custom Skateboard

Nick Cave Gets His Own Custom Skateboard
Having thrilled music fans for more than 30 years, Australian songwriter Nick Cave has now been recognized with his very own skateboard. It's a collaboration with the Aussie company Fast Times.

The psychedelic-looking deck was inspired by Cave's tune "Nature Boy," which appeared on his 2004 album Abattoir Blues with the Bad Seeds. Some of the lyrics from the song are emblazoned on the skateboard, which features an image of a nude woman by San Francisco artist Chuck Sperry.

An announcement describes Cave as a "good friend and customer" of Fast Times. The board sports "a full wrap metallic graphic which feels and looks like an amazing piece of art." That's what it looks like above.

The skateboard costs $99.95 Australian ($95.23 Canadian) or $119.95 Australian ($114.29 Canadian) for a cruiser deck. It can exclusively be purchased here. There's also a T-shirt.

Below, watch Fast Times' new skate video featuring "Nature Boy."