New York Dolls All Dolled Up

What's black and white and dull for all of its 90 minutes? Yeah, you guessed it: All Dolled Up. Cashing in on the New York Dolls reunion are Bob Gruen and his wife, Nadya, a couple who in the '70s followed the band around accumulating more than 40 hours of footage. Sounds impressive, right? Well, little did the Gruens realise that in order to make a film out of random footage you need some kind of structure and, god forbid, narrative. What they present instead is exhaustingly priceless footage of the band playing various gigs and TV shows that, unless you want to hear "Personality Crisis" over and over, is wasted, less-than-thrilling entertainment. Tack on another two hours of bonus footage and a tedious commentary by Gruen, David Johansen and Sylvain Sylvain that resists telling any kind of story and you have one helluva terrible DVD. Plus: interview with Handsome Dick Manitoba. (MVD,