New Of Montreal Album Delayed Until October 21

New Of Montreal Album Delayed Until October 21
Those Of Montreal fans eagerly awaiting to rush out and buy the band's new Skeletal Lamping will have to hold their horses a bit longer. The record has been pushed back two weeks from October 7 to October 21 because of a printing error.

But this snag shouldn't come as too big of a surprise considering Of Montreal's ambitious multi-format campaign, whereby the band are pressing their ninth album not only on CD and LP but as a tote bag, T-shirt, button set, wall decal set and paper lantern. In fact, it may be that fancy lantern version that's causing havoc over at the printers, the group said on their blog.

To cheer fans up a bit, Polyvinyl is now giving a ten-percent discount to all the pre-orders placed for Skeletal Lamping and the band themselves have readied a teaser remix twelve-inch of the album's first single, "Id Engager,” which will drop September 30 via Mad Decent. Along with the album version, the vinyl release will come boasting a remix by Diplo and DJ Sega. Also, Of Montreal tell us to keep an eye out for a Jon Brion remix of the track "An Eluardian Instance" sometime in the near future on a Polyvinyl release.

If this still isn't enough to lift your spirits, you can listen to this new Of Montreal track "Brush Brush Brush” from Yo Gabba Gabba. It's no paper lantern but at least it's something.

Of Montreal "Suffer for Fashion"