Nardwuar the Human Serviette Suffers Stroke

Nardwuar the Human Serviette Suffers Stroke
In a truly sad bit of news, beloved Canadian music journalist Nardwuar the Human Serviette has suffered a stroke.

The news of Nardwuar's condition was made public today (December 9) through his various social media pages. It was explained that Nardwuar had suffered the stroke while at Mint Records' Christmas party on Saturday (December 5) at Vancouver's Astoria venue. He was taken to Vancouver General Hospital and remains in the facility's care.

A tweet, which you'll find below, includes a picture of an ambulance's route away from the Astoria, which noted that it was picking up a "confused male" with an "altered level of consciousness." More info on the Human Serviette's condition is expected soon. Exclaim! wishes him well.
Just recently, Nardwuar shared his interview with Travis Scott

UPDATE (12/11, 11:40 a.m.): Speaking to CBC, longtime friend of Nardwuar and CBC Music personality Grant Lawrence gave an update on the Human Serviette's condition, saying, "He's doing pretty well but he's tentative and nervous and a bit scared and going through lots of tests, but he's definitely the same Nardwuar. His sense of humour is there, and stroke or no stroke, he's still editing his videos and returning emails from his hospital bed." Also, at the bottom of the page you can see a photo of Nardwuar from the hospital bed, where he looks to be in good spirits, via Portable Infinite and Bev Davies. 

UPDATE (12/12, 2 p.m.): On Nardwuar's Instagram and Twitter, it was confirmed that he was discharged from Vancouver General Hospital's Stroke Unit today. He'll return for outlook surgery in February. The latest tweet is embedded below.