Sean Evans Shouts Out Nardwuar's Influence on 'Hot Ones'

The episode with Sydney Sweeney is just the latest time he's acknowledged the Canadian interviewer

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jan 30, 2024

There are two YouTube interviewers known for their extremely deep research and trivia-style factoids about subjects: Canadian hero Nardwuar the Human Serviette and Hot Ones dude Sean Evans. In the latest episode of Hot Ones, Evans tipped his hat to his predecessor and acknowledged Nardwuar's influence.

Speaking with Sydney Sweeney on the latest episode of the chicken-eating series, Evans asked, "Which extracurricular of your youth do you remember more fondly: robotics team, or the academic club Math Is Cool?" Sweeney asked Evans how he knew such an obscure fact about her past, and he responded, "You're Sydney Sweeney — we have to know. Shout out Nardwuar."

Sweeney didn't acknowledge the comment, but it's clear that it's high time Hot Ones had Nardwuar on.

This isn't the first time Evans has acknowledged Nardwuar. Speaking with Brother Ali on The Travelers Podcast last spring, Evans said, "I also want to shout out to Narduwar. It's impossible to deny his influence and what that means on the show. I remember in college, just bingeing Nardwuar interviews, just watching one after the other."

Evans continued, "Interviews are, by nature, kind of artificial — especially entertainment interviews. Both those are true and real human moments [in Nardwuar's interviews], you know what I mean? Nardwuar was the first person who I ever saw who could manufacture those kinds of moments, and they'd be in almost every single episode.

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