My Morning Jacket's Jim James Says They Have a "Completely New Record" Finished

The band just returned with 'The Waterfall II'

Photo: Shane Parent

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Jul 13, 2020

Last week, My Morning Jacket released The Waterfall II, a companion to 2015's The Waterfall that featured previously unreleased songs from the recording sessions. Now, frontman Jim James has revealed that the band also have another new full-length effort in the bag awaiting release.

In conversation on Consequence of Sound's "Kyle Meredith With..." podcast, James shared that he and his bandmates recently wrapped recording a "completely new record" that they'll aim to release when it's safer to resume live performances.

"The new album is done, but whenever we release it we wanna play shows for it," he explained. "We wanna make it a thing because it's so exciting to have these new songs and wanna play 'em live. And we really recorded them really live — it was just the five of us and literally nobody else and we played and it was so exciting and so fun."

James explained that this excitement is what led My Morning Jacket to release The Waterfall II in its stead to get back in action, as opposed to the new record. You can listen to his podcast appearance here.

In the years since The Waterfall, the frontman has put together a prolific string of solo releases: 2016's Eternally Even, 2017 covers collection Tribute to 2, 2018's Uniform Distortion and Uniform Clarity, and last year's The Order of Nature with Teddy Abrams and the Louisville Orchestra.

Those years have also seen James produce a pair of album for Basia Bulat: 2016's Good Advice and this year's Are You In Love?

The Waterfall II is out now through ATO Records. CD and vinyl editions of the album arrive August 28.

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