Mudvayne All Access to All Things

Digital technology has forever changed the face of so many things that affect our lives. I have to say that I love picking up new DVDs in hopes that it will further my experiences in those pastimes for which I am passionate. But for all the good things that this technology allows me there are bad things lurking in the corners. Mudvayne's All Access to All Things might be one of the bad ones. Recorded at three of stops on last year's "Summer Sanitarium" monster tour (Salt Lake City, Seattle and San Francisco), this DVD doesn't really provide much. Live footage is interspersed between painful interviews with almost everyone but the band. After watching this DVD, I knew more about the Mudvayne crew than the Mudvayne, but that is not the point of such a release now is it? Most of the band footage sees them under duress, with them filled with lots of attitude and walking away. The band only loosens up when talking to fans (where the camera was an afterthought). The rest of the bonus footage, which includes the "World So Cold" video with "making of" coverage, is unremarkable. Save your money. See Mudvayne in the flesh instead. (Sony)