Moon King

Starlite Room, Edmonton AB, October 10

Photo: Chris Gee

BY Jibril YassinPublished Oct 11, 2015

Moon King got off on the right note as they started off with the sounds of "Apocalypse," a slow build-up of soft guitar that exploded into a massive wall of sound as everyone on stage threw themselves into it. Over crashing drums and guitar wash, frontman Daniel Benjamin's vocals tore through as he crooned and screamed with reckless abandon, guitarist Maddy Wilde mirroring some of Benjamin's vocals with some screams of her own.
It was a wave of energy that swept up the audience with it as people began to perk up and move along. On record, the guitars stick to the back as the electronics and Wilde and Benjamin's vocals take up the forefront, but it's the former that electrifies their live sound.
The set lagged at the end with a few slower songs that didn't shift the momentum as much as sap it entirely, leaving their finale "Roswell" to try and regain some lost ground. It did the trick, with the band set on pulverizing an ever-repeating coda of synth and guitar noise that left the crowd impressed.

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