BY Dustin MorrisPublished May 13, 2013

For Marcus Henriksson and Sebastian Mullaert, it's all about living in the moment. Since the release of their acclaimed double-disc album, Animals, the pair have been taking an improvisational approach to the studio. Acknowledging their chemistry, which has been polished through years of recent touring, where the duo have been seen sharing the stage with improv sensations like Cobblestone Jazz, the decision to treat their latest record as a live piece feels like a natural one. Blomma comes in the form of two one-hour-long sessions, each with its distinct aim. Much like the album's predecessor, one disc plants both feet firmly on the dance floor while the other spends its time tripping in a faraway hammock. This distinguishable presentation helps to reinforce their unique sound, despite it falling facilely into familiar and definable constructs. Techno and trance foundations remain at the core of their 4/4 focus. Deep, spherical psychedelics pave the way for Mullaert's frolicking leads, while jazzy moods mingle with meditative ambiance. Elsewhere, faint bird songs, sparkling wind chimes and a lazy Rhodes are draped in blankets of delay. Minilogue's latest expedition is a credit to their exceptional process and exemplary free spirit.

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