Miles Blood on the Blazer

With their crazed blend of psychedelic keyboards and airtight pop punk rhythms, Toronto, ON's the Miles have burst forth as one of the most potent young surprises of the year. Blood on the Blazer is a remarkably proficient debut for a trio of exuberant kids well under 20 years old. Mostly writing embittered love songs, the Miles pack a confident punch, crafting infectious blasts like "She Knew" and the comically crafted "Can I Speak to Shawna?" Although they hail from Ontario, there's a distinctive British air to the voices in the Miles and throughout Blood on the Blazer they recall everyone from Madness to early, relatively minimal material by the Police. More than anything, "Not at All" and "Love Triangle" are modern updates on the carnal urges of "Next to You" and "So Lonely." Precocious and cocky, the Miles have the chops to back up their jealous boasts and horny come-ons. (Independent)