Method Man Calls Wu-Tang's 88-Year Copyright Plan "Fuckin' Stupid"

Method Man Calls Wu-Tang's 88-Year Copyright Plan 'Fuckin' Stupid'
If you're thinking the Wu-Tang Clan's plans to not commercially release their ultra-exclusive Once Upon a Time in Shaolin to the rest of the world for another 88 years is a crummy move, you're not alone. Method Man has stood out from the rest of the pack to label the move "fuckin' stupid."

XXL reports that a phone call with rapper revealed that he had not heard about the plans to keep the copyright of the album under wraps for 88 years. For the record, Method Man is not a fan of this and just wants the music to reach the fans without them having to jump through hoops.

"Fuck that album," Method Man told XXL. "I'm tired of this shit and I know everybody else is tired of it, too. Fuck that album, if that's what they are doing. I haven't heard anything like that, but if they're doing crap like that, fuck that album. Straight up. I'm just keeping it 100. When music can't be music and y'all turning it into something else, fuck that. Give it to the people, if they want to hear the shit, let them have it. Give it away free. I don't give a fuck; that ain't making nobody rich or poor. Give the fucking music out. Stop playing with the public, man."

As previously reported, the album remains unsold, and is currently in a vault in the Royal Mansour hotel in Marrakech, Morocco. As producer Cilvaringz had previously told Forbes: "After 88 years the copyright, which includes public and commercial rights, automatically transfers to the owner of the work. However, it will still be his or her choice at that [point] to release it or not release it." 

Method Man had said he had initially been into the idea of prepping a one-of-a-kind album but is now criticizing the roll-out, hinting how the Wu-Tang Clan's tunes are going to sound pretty dated to the people of the future.

He continued: "If that shit is true, that shit is stupid. You have to wait 88 years to hear some shit? By that time, it's going to be fuckin' played out. If it ain't already played out. I hope that's a rumor. Whoever said that, that shit is fuckin' stupid."

As for the rapper, Method Man apparently has a new album on the way. One, we hope, that won't take close to nine decades to hit our ears. Titled Methlab, the project will have him working with Staten Island spitters outside of the Wu-Tang Clan.

"Methlab is coming. [I'm working with] a bunch of Staten Island artists because I'm trying to get my people recognized," he said. "Wu-Tang ain't the only thing that can come out of Staten Island. There's a lot of talent in Staten Island. It's the Persona Non Grata that holds brothers back. It's always the Persona Non Grata."

In related news, fellow Wu members Ghostface Killah, GZA and Cappadonna apparently have a Canadian tour in the works, and so far, we know the three will be playing at Vancouver's Alexander on March 27 and Ottawa's Ritual Nightclub on April 2.