Metallica Have Designed the Most Metal Turntable Ever

Designed with Pro-Ject Audio Systems, the record deck arrives this summer
Metallica Have Designed the Most Metal Turntable Ever
Photo: Pro-Ject Audio Systems
In a time where their heavy music contemporaries treat their latest albums to super-elaborate vinyl releases, Metallica are raising the bar with the announcement of their own custom turntable for their vinyl-loving listeners.

Designed with Austrian hi-fi company Pro-Ject Audio Systems and handmade in Europe, the Metallica Artist Series Turntable features a fittingly aggressive design modelled after the band's "ninja star" logo.

Its pointy plinth sports a mirror-finished metal top plate, supporting the turntable's glass platter and S-shaped aluminum tonearm. Sure, the belt-drive player's list of specs doesn't show the weight of the unit, but there's no denying this thing looks heavy as hell.

You can find further photography of Metallica's new turntable below.

Pro-Ject's Artist Series has previously launched turntables inspired by the Rolling Stones, the Beatles and more — including this wild Yellow Submarine-shaped record deck. The Metallica Artist Series Turntable spins into action this summer at a price of $1,599 USD.

2020 saw Metallica launch their Metallica Vinyl Club, treating subscribers to live and studio rarities, demos and rough mixes, and more via special edition releases. In 2014, the band brought their studio catalogue back to wax via their own Blackened Recordings.