Merna "Young & Reckless"

Merna 'Young & Reckless'
Late last year, Toronto R&B singer Ayah began using the slogan "Merna Killed Ayah." In other words, she's now working under the name Merna, and she just shared the new single "Young & Reckless."

The track sports a rather harsh beat, with a drum loop that pounds with gun-blast intensity and buzzing low-end synths. Merna's vocals add a taste of melodic sweetness to the ominous arrangement, which was produced by Makai Black and Ali Shaheed Muhammad.

"'Y&R' is about throwing caution to the wind, just letting everything go in the name of (what one may think is) love. It's all about what is right, in the now. It's about having fun," Merna said in a statement.

Merna's album The Calling drops on November 4.